DragonBox Numbers

This game is designed to teach your children the principles of counting, addition and subtraction by building their number sense. With over 250 puzzles the game is intuitive and fun, while giving your children the fundamentals they need for future math learning.

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DragonBox Algebra 5+

The game that secretly teaches algebra. The fundamentals of algebra are hidden within clever drawings and cards that are replaced by numbers and variables over the course of the game. While playing, your children quickly learn the processes needed to solve linear equations while having fun.

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They love us!

We strive to make the learning process more engaging and enjoyable
for kids, teachers and parents. See what the press, users and experts
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Multiple award Winning!

Games for Change

Best Learning Game

2016 International Serious Play Awards

2016 Gold Winner

Fun and Serious Games Festival

Best Educational Game 2012

Common Sense Media 2013

ON for Learning Award

Praised by the Press!

It is a perfect way to interest kids in math. I recommend putting this app in every child’s app library.

The most impressive math education app I’ve seen has to be DragonBox Algebra 5+.

Perfect for a budding have the year’s all-time best early math experiences.

This game is so much fun, it is a must-have for any teacher or parent who wants to give their student a head start in STEM concepts.

Loved by the parents

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