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Perfect for a budding have the year’s all-time best early math experiences.

Children's Technology Review

I was blown away. I felt like I glimpsed a future in which kids love to learn.


Company Features

Redesigning the Math Experience: Lessons from DragonBox - Talks at Google [VIDEO]

The only way to change school - TEDxBergen [VIDEO]

Press Button to Complete School - Stanford School of Social Innovation Review

Tech Edge, Mobile Learning In The Classroom, Episode 42, DragonBox Math - University of Nebraska, Lincoln [VIDEO]

La izquierda no puede tener una educación tan retrógrada - El País (Uruguay)

Dette er fremtidens lærebok i matte - Aftenposten [Norwegian]

Hva ville du betalt for å bli kvitt hjemmelekser? - DN Gründer [NORWEGIAN]

Jean Baptiste Huynh te muestra el videojuego con el que puedes aprender álgebra en un par de horas - El País (Spain) [SPANISH]

Aprender álgebra jugando a mover cajas y dragones - El País (Uruguay) [SPANISH]

El hombre que hizo adictivas a las matemáticas - Cromo [SPANISH]

Making educational games is tough, especially if you want to make money - Venture Beat


Algebra Challenge

Kids Like to Learn Algebra, if It Comes in the Right App - Wired 

Is Adaptive Learning the Way to Get Schools into Learning Games? - Games and Learning

Study shows kids learn Algebra in hours playing Dragonbox game - Rude Baguette

Kan vi spille oss til bedre læringsutbytte? - University of Oslo: School of Education  [NORWEGIAN]

Erna åpnet mattekonkurranse - Digi

Desse elevane løyste 35.000 likningar på fem dagar - NRK

Norwegian students blow U.S. algebra record away with 5 million equations - Reuters 

WeWantToKnow Math Game To Be Tested in Over 100 Schools  - EdNet Insight



DragonBox Numbers

Academic's Choice - Brain Toy Award

Editor's Choice Award- Children's Technology Review 2016

Best Pick App - Tech with Kids

Best Learning Game - Games for Change

2016 Gold Winner - 2016 International Serious Play Awards


DragonBox Big Numbers:

Gold Award - Parents' Choice 2017 

Brain Toy Award - Academics' Choice 2017

Best learning game - Games4Change Awards 2017

Gold Medal - International Serious Play Awards 2017

Cool Tool Award - Ed Tech Awards 2017


DragonBox Algebra 5+

Gold Medal - 2012 International Serious Play Conference

Best Educational Game 2012 - Fun and Serious Games Festival

Best Serious Mobile Game - 2012 Serious Games Showcase & Challenge

App of the Year & Children’s App of the Year - GullTasten 2012 [NORWEGIAN]

Best Serious Game - 9th International Mobile Gaming Awards (2012 IMGA)

ON for Learning Award - Common Sense Media 2013

Editor’s Choice Award - Children’s Technology Review 2013


DragonBox Algebra 12+

ON for Learning Award - Common Sense Media 2013

Best Pick App - Tech with Kids 2013

Best Nordic Innovation Award - Nordic Game Awards 2013

Best App for Teaching & Learning - 2014 American Association of School Librarians


DragonBox Elements

Best Learning Game (over 8y.o.) & People’s Choice Awards - 2014 Wouap Doo Apps Jeunesse (WDAJ) [FRENCH]

Silver Award - 2014 International Serious Play Awards

Best Educational Game - 2014 Fun and Serious Games Festival

Gold Award - Children’s Technology Review 2015


DragonBox / WeWantToKnow

WeWantToKnow awarded as Telenor’s Digital Winner 2013



10 Mostly Free Kids' Math Apps for Preschoolers to Tweens - Mommy Poppins

Playing Around: How Games Can Support Deeper Learning - Alliance for Excellent Education

Norway's Education Technology Sector Grows as Economy Drags - Ed Surge

Bridging The Gap Between Game Design and Educational Games - Gamasutra: The Art & Business of Making Games

A Silicon Viking’s Effort to Help Nordic Edtech Entrepreneurs Succeed - Ed Surge

What's Next? Learning researcher James Gee on games in school - Gamasutra: The Art & Business of Making Games

Teach Kids Math and Science - Wall Street Journal

2016 Games for Change Awards Winners Announced - Paste Magazine [DragonBox Numbers]

As oil market sags, Norway drills new ground with education tech - USA Today

Terrific tools to help kids with special needs get ready for school - The Sentinel [DragonBox Algebra 5+]

7 Great Educational Apps and Tools - Forbes [DragonBox Algebra 5+]

Gameducation: A project prototyping games for education - Gamasutra: The Art & Business of Making Games [DragonBox Algebra]

15 Best Apps For Homeschooling: Scratch And Scratch Jr., Dragon Box, Splash Math, Khan Academy And More - Tech Times [DragonBox Algebra]

Educational Apps Your Kids Will LOVE Playing - New Jersey Family [DragonBox Algebra]

Ten of the best back-to-school apps for kids - The Guardian [DragonBox Algebra] 

25 STEM Education Apps You Need in 2015 - It's About Time [DragonBox Algebra 5+] 

10 Best Math Apps - Tom's Guide [DragonBox Algebra 5+]

Gamify My Game-Based Learning! - Geek Dad [DragonBox Algebra]

Kids ease back to school with playful learning apps - USA Today [DragonBox Algebra 5+]

The best educational apps and games to jumpstart the school year - Mac World [DragonBox Algebra 5+]

10 great mobile games to play with your kids this holiday - Venture Beat [DragonBox Algebra]

Computer games can make kids smarter, author says in new book - Seattle Times [DragonBox Algebra]

Stephen Colbert Thinks “Number Sentences” Are Silly. They’re Not. - How Not to be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking (Slate Blog) [DragonBox Algebra]

Five learning apps that make homework fun - Toronto Star [DragonBox Algebra]

Summer screen time: an app a day keeps kids’ boredom at bay - Irish Times [DragonBox Algebra 5+]

Education experts offer 18 apps that make learning fun - Vanderbilt University [DragonBox Algebra 5+]

Need Help Picking the Right Learning Game? Some Things to Consider - Mind/Shift - KQED [DragonBox Algebra]

50 great apps for teachers - The Washington Post [DragonBox Algebra]

5 Math Apps for Middle School Students - Mind/Shift - KQED [DragonBox Algebra]

14 of the best math apps for kids of all ages: Back to School tech guide - Cool Mom Tech [DragonBox Algebra 12+]

Making math fun: 8 ways to help get teens excited about math - Cool Mom Tech [DragonBox Algebra 12+]

3 Math Apps My Kids Actually Play - Geek Dad [DragonBox Algebra 12+]

Teaching STEM Through Games - Geek Dad [DragonBox Elements]

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