Meet the Nooms

The Nooms are characters that each represent a number between 1 and 10. They are digital manipulatives inspired by Cuisenaire and Montessori rods.

Build Number Sense

With each swoosh and sound, you are learning fundamentals of mathematics to set a foundation for future learning.

No More Memorization

The App is made up of four unique activities that build number sense through game play. Each one focuses on building understanding, flexibility and fluidity with numbers rather than memorizing simple facts.

Numbers Brought to Life!

The Nooms can be represented and manipulated in many different way, just like the numbers they embody.

Multiple award Winning!

Games for Change

Best Learning Game

2016 International Serious Play Awards

2016 Gold Winner

Tech with Kids

Best Pick App

Children's Technology Review 2016

Editor's Choice Award

Brain Toy Award

Academics Choice

Praised by the Press!

Perfect for a budding have the year’s all-time best early math experiences.

It is a perfect way to interest kids in math. I recommend putting this app in every child’s app library.

...the first thing you should download on a tablet if you have kids 4-8 years old.

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